Ukraine will fight for the gold at the World archery Championships 2015 in Copenhagen !

Ukraine will fight for the gold at the World archery Championships 2015 in Copenhagen!

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Yesterday, July the 28th, the women’s compound Ukrainian national team ( Olena Borysenko , Viktoriya Diakova and Mariya Shkolna) did the unthinkable! For the first time in the history of compound archery, our girls will shoot in the Gold final at the World archery Championships, which will take place this Saturday, August the 1st, in Copenhagen (Denmark) at 11.24 local time.

Sixteen-ranked Ukraine made the difference in the third end when the European ladies shot an excellent 58 despite the wind, against just 52 from the favourite Colombians (number 1 by qualification). The result is 216:210 for the Ukrainians. In the quarterfinals the girls met with the hostess of the competition – the team of Denmark (№9 by qualification). The fight for the semifinals was intense. In the end the Ukrainian team beat Denmark 220:219. In the semifinals Olena, Mariya and Viktoriya showed their best result for yesterday: 224 points against 222 of the national team of Venezuela (№5 by qualification). This was enough to take place in the GOLD final compound women match at the World archery Championships 2015 in Copenhagen.

Opponents of Ukrainians in the final will be the 10th team by qualification – Netherlands, which showed results: 1/8 224:220 (Mexico), 1/4 220:213 (Italy) 1/2 222:218 (Korea).

We wish our girls the same good spirit to the fight, inspiration and success in the finals!!!



On-line broadcast of the gold medal match can be viewed at the link:

Schedule of the final matches by local time:
11:00-11:24 00:24 Bronze: Compound Women Team
11:24-11:48 00:24 Gold: Compound Women Team
11:48-12:12 00:24 Bronze: Compound Men Team
12:12-12:36 00:24 Gold: Compound Men Team
12:36-13:00 00:24 Award Ceremony – CW+CM Team (2 Team Ceremonies)